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Call Your Attorney General and Tell Them “Bank Crime Shouldn’t Pay!”

February 1, 2011

Are you sick of the big banks continuing to reap big profits from the damage they caused to our homes, families and communities? Join with thousands of people to call your state Attorney General and demand a strong and meaningful settlement against the big banks.

The nation’s 50 state Attorneys General are currently investigating the fraudulent mortgage practices of the big banks The big banks are pressing for a quick settlement that will let them off the hook for their crimes and keep the process behind closed doors and so we need to fight back. Just a few minutes of your time will send a message to the Attorneys General that we’re watching their work closely and we won’t settle for anything less than deep penalties for the big banks and justice for millions of homeowners.

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Hundreds of Iowans Press AG Tom Miller on Foreclosure Suit

January 26, 2011


Contact: Hugh Espey, Iowa CCI – 515-238-5991

Hundreds of Iowans Press AG Tom Miller on Foreclosure Suit

Americans left wondering whether Miller, the AG’s will hold bankers accountable for foreclosure abuse

Des Moines, IA – Following their December 14th meeting with Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, who is leading the 50-state investigation of the “foreclosure-gate” scandal, 200 members of Iowa CCI met with him again on Tuesday to continue the push for a settlement that will help millions of Americans stay in their homes. Iowa CCI is part of a coalition of community groups across the country fighting to end the foreclosure crisis.

“Tuesday’s meeting felt a lot different than the meeting in December,” said Iowa CCI Director Hugh Espey, “In our first meeting with AG Miller we felt like we had a champion that was ready to go toe to toe with the big banks. This time we left wondering if the big banks had knocked the wind out of our state’s top law enforcer.” Read more…

We Are Honored!

January 3, 2011

It is our tremendous pleasure to announce that The Nation Magazine has honored National People’s Action for Most Valuable Grassroots Activism as part of their Progressive Honor Roll of 2010.

Here’s what they wrote:
Its activist roots run four decades deep, but National People’s Action came into its own after the financial meltdown, when it emerged as the boldest challenger of abuses by big banks, mortgage lenders, credit card companies and payday loan operations. With its “Showdown in America” campaign, the network of two dozen state and regional activist groups (including Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, Grass Roots Organizing in Missouri and Denver’s Rights for All People/Derechos Para Todos) has led the fight to prevent foreclosures on working families by banks that collected billions of federal bailout dollars. Committed to direct action, NPA takes victims of predatory lenders into the suites of corporations that prey on the poor. Unsettled by NPA’s cries of “Make Wall Street Pay” and “People Before Profits,” Glenn Beck decries it as a “dangerous group.” Bill Moyers gets it right when he says NPA’s “popular insurgency” is a modern manifestation of populism and renews “a grassroots movement for democracy. Read more…

Crime Shouldn’t Pay!

December 13, 2010

Attorneys General are gearing up to take on big banks and they need to hear from you.

On Tuesday, December 14, homeowners from 15 states will be meeting with Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller. Miller is leading a 50-state investigation into the foreclosure scandal.

We are demanding principal reduction for millions of families who are at-risk of losing their homes, a new approach to preventing unnecessary foreclosures and criminal penalties for bankers who broke the law. Please join us by signing on to this letter, which we will deliver to Miller and the 49 Attorney Generals who are part of the investigation.

We will send a report to those that have signed-on immediately following the meeting.

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November 19 Action in Massachusets

November 19, 2010

Alliance to Develop Power Kicks off Campaign to Take Back our Homes Demanding: That Big Banks Fix Their Mess

Springfield –– Taking matters into their own hands, community leaders and members of the Alliance to Develop Power descended on the condemned home of Diane McCloud at 24 Alden Street to clean up the illegal dumping on her property and demand the big banks clean up their mess and start investing back into the community.

The home, owned by Diane McCloud since 1986, fell into disrepair after Ms. McCloud, a widower, received a series of predatory loans.  The home was condemned by the City of Springfield in 2006, but Ms. McCloud continues to pay her mortgage on a home she does not live in.  The property has since become a dumping ground and blight on the community.

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Richmond, California takes action

November 19, 2010

Community Leaders call on Wells Fargo to be accountable for theft against communities

RICHMOND, CA – On Thursday, November 18th, faith and community leaders held a press conference and action in front of a Wells Fargo branch in downtown Richmond and called on this and other big banks to be accountable for the theft they are committing against our families and communities.

This holiday season, while big banks gear up to pay $144 billion in bonuses countless of Americans will lose their jobs, home and families. Unemployment is at all-time high of 9.6% and foreclosures are constantly rising.  In the 94801 zip code, the largest in Richmond, almost half of all homes are in foreclosure or are financed in sub-prime mortgages and are at risk of foreclosure.  Read more…

San Jose, California takes action

November 19, 2010

Fed Up San Jose Homeowners Award Chase Bank the “Turkey of the Year Award” for Failure to Establish Fair Loan Modification Process

SAN JOSE, CA – Fed up San Jose homeowners and members of the Home Defenders League awarded Chase Bank the “Turkey of the Year Award” today at a Chase Bank branch in East San Jose. Twenty five members of the Home Defenders League turned out for a rally in front of the bank. Home Defenders League members marched into the bank and attempted to give the branch manager a certificate which read: “Turkey of the Year Award,” Presented to – Chase Bank, By – the Homeowners of America, “For your failure to establish a fair and quality loan modification process.” Unfortunately the Chase Branch Manager refused to speak to the group and ordered them outside. He then promptly called the Police on the group as Home Defenders League Members chanted “Chase, Chase, You’re No Good, Stop Foreclosures, Like You Should!” Shortly thereafter the police arrived, the group left the bank and began a moving picket line in front of the Chase branch at the busy corner of Story and King. Read more…