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We Are Honored!

January 3, 2011

It is our tremendous pleasure to announce that The Nation Magazine has honored National People’s Action for Most Valuable Grassroots Activism as part of their Progressive Honor Roll of 2010.

Here’s what they wrote:
Its activist roots run four decades deep, but National People’s Action came into its own after the financial meltdown, when it emerged as the boldest challenger of abuses by big banks, mortgage lenders, credit card companies and payday loan operations. With its “Showdown in America” campaign, the network of two dozen state and regional activist groups (including Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, Grass Roots Organizing in Missouri and Denver’s Rights for All People/Derechos Para Todos) has led the fight to prevent foreclosures on working families by banks that collected billions of federal bailout dollars. Committed to direct action, NPA takes victims of predatory lenders into the suites of corporations that prey on the poor. Unsettled by NPA’s cries of “Make Wall Street Pay” and “People Before Profits,” Glenn Beck decries it as a “dangerous group.” Bill Moyers gets it right when he says NPA’s “popular insurgency” is a modern manifestation of populism and renews “a grassroots movement for democracy.

View The Progressive Honor Roll 2010 Slide Show >>

No one gets here alone
this award belongs to everyone who’s been part of the work of National People’s Action and our Showdown in America campaign.

  • For all of our Affiliate staff, leaders, and organizations who are the heart and soul of the organization,
  • For our financial supporters whose belief in our work has brought us to this point, and to those who have stepped up and introduced us to new funders in the past year,
  • For those we’ve stood with in solidarity over the last year – AFL-CIO, SEIU,, Alliance for a Just Society, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, the Industrial Areas Foundation of the Southeast, Grassroots Policy Project, and many others,
  • For the staff and leaders of PICO National Network, who have walked the road with us throughout 2010 – this award is yours as much as it is ours,
  • For everyone who answered the call to action from the Showdown in America website,
  • For Shel Trapp, founder and master organizer, whose passing this year is mourned by three generations of organizers, and for all the supporters of his legacy through the Shel Trapp Courage Fund.

Whether you’ve known the organization for years, or are just learning about the work of National People’s Action, we invite you to join us on the journey in 2011.

The architects of the financial meltdown are still at large, and a grassroots movement led by those hardest hit is needed now more than ever. Let’s go get the crooks!

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