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San Jose, California takes action

November 19, 2010

Fed Up San Jose Homeowners Award Chase Bank the “Turkey of the Year Award” for Failure to Establish Fair Loan Modification Process

SAN JOSE, CA – Fed up San Jose homeowners and members of the Home Defenders League awarded Chase Bank the “Turkey of the Year Award” today at a Chase Bank branch in East San Jose. Twenty five members of the Home Defenders League turned out for a rally in front of the bank. Home Defenders League members marched into the bank and attempted to give the branch manager a certificate which read: “Turkey of the Year Award,” Presented to – Chase Bank, By – the Homeowners of America, “For your failure to establish a fair and quality loan modification process.” Unfortunately the Chase Branch Manager refused to speak to the group and ordered them outside. He then promptly called the Police on the group as Home Defenders League Members chanted “Chase, Chase, You’re No Good, Stop Foreclosures, Like You Should!” Shortly thereafter the police arrived, the group left the bank and began a moving picket line in front of the Chase branch at the busy corner of Story and King.
One of the Home Defenders League members in attendance at the “Turkey of the Year” rally was Daniel Tay, an 88 year old Chase borrower and member of the Home Defenders League, who recently lost his home to foreclosure. Mr. Tay said “I am angry because Chase refused to work with me as I attempted to save my home from foreclosure. Over and over again, I sent them the documents they requested. I wrote them numerous letters asking them to work with me but they refused. I think they were more interested in their bottom line than in helping someone like me save my home.” Sadly Mr. Tay and his wife were recently forced out of their home of over 40 years after repeated threats of eviction by the bank. They are now living in a rental apartment in San Jose.

Another Chase borrower and Home Defenders League member, Jesus Bouton, said “I sent Chase my loan modification application paperwork seven times. They kept changing my agent and asking me for new paperwork. I showed them I had enough income to make the payments and gave them all the documents they required. I don’t think they were interested in looking at my paperwork. They were only interested in foreclosing on me and taking my home.” Jesus continues to struggle with Chase. He and his family are now facing eviction. Jesus said “I’m here to try and save my home. If they evict us I don’t know where my family and I will go.”

In the wake of banks admitting to illegal foreclosures on potentially tens of thousands of families across the nation, homeowners throughout California are coming together to resist further illegal action by the banks.  The Home Defenders League is putting a call out to all at-risk homeowners to join the Home Defenders League by visiting their website at<> or calling (877) 633-9251. Home Defenders League members are demanding that the nation’s largest banks stop committing foreclosure fraud and give struggling homeowners principal reductions and affordable loan modifications.

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