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Crime Shouldn’t Pay!

December 13, 2010

Attorneys General are gearing up to take on big banks and they need to hear from you.

On Tuesday, December 14, homeowners from 15 states will be meeting with Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller. Miller is leading a 50-state investigation into the foreclosure scandal.

We are demanding principal reduction for millions of families who are at-risk of losing their homes, a new approach to preventing unnecessary foreclosures and criminal penalties for bankers who broke the law. Please join us by signing on to this letter, which we will deliver to Miller and the 49 Attorney Generals who are part of the investigation.

We will send a report to those that have signed-on immediately following the meeting.

Sign on to the open letter to Attorneys General >>

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  1. Barbara Ann Jackson permalink
    December 15, 2010 1:30 AM


    Foreclosure lawyers are officers of the court; knowledge of applicable laws and civil procedure is not required from mortgage lenders, nor loan servicers. Inadequate or questionable foreclosure leads to useless property deeds that impede real estate sales; title insurance companies reluctant to cover foreclosed properties; mortgage default claims are being disputed due to defective foreclosures. . .Sample of fraudulent foreclosures:

    –Deliberately use of defunct lenders or lenders without “standing” to execute false civil and bankruptcy foreclosure proceedings.
    – Create and conceal malpractice, delay foreclosures, engineer billable litigation fees.
    – Orchestrate sham foreclosure auctions; property never acquired by lenders, but by ‘straw buyers’
    – Commit actionable wrongs (unfair debt collection, fraud, various torts) that give rise to lawsuits
    – Engage in self-dealing foreclosures by which some lawyers themselves gain foreclosed properties
    –Foreclosures via names of defunct lenders, illegally recorded property deeds, flipping, blighted communities
    – Unconscionably create false deficiency judgments against property owners after straw buyers acquire homes for pennies on the dollar
    – Intentionally false Bankruptcy court “Motion to Lift” and “Proof of Claim” on behalf of NON-EXISTENT lenders, concealing fact of “non-secured” mortgage debt.
    –Involved in fraudulent collection of property damage and mortgage insurance for illegally foreclosed homes
    –Fraudulent foreclosures abet loss of property taxes to city revenue, rodents, vagrants
    – Thousands of families made unlawfully homeless from null foreclosure proceedings.

    **more: Request for Congressional Foreclosure Panel to Examine Foreclosure Lawyers

  2. December 15, 2010 3:38 AM

    We see examples in Texas where mortgage lenders are creating forced escrow accounts. If the homeowner has delinquent taxes these forced escrow accounts can double are triple their monthly payment…thus driving more property owners into foreclosure . In Texas, there are lenders that offer as property tax loans an alternative with lower payments and flexible terms.

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